Strawberry Fields Trailer
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Featuring, Crying For John Lennon, by Hargo
Produced by Phil Spector and Graham Ward

The time has come to find peace on the planet from the messages found in the life and songs of John Lennon. Love is our answer and there can be peace if you want it. John Lennon's legendary producer Phil Spector, in his first major interview in thirty years, describes his relationship and stories about one of the world's greatest peacemakers.

Imagine peace and an end to war and the military industrial complex. This documentary explores the feelings of tens of thousands of devoted John Lennon fans who come each year to Central Park's Strawberry Fields in New York City. Was he assassinated? Was the government involved? Can the world find profits from making peace instead of war? Should there be a John Lennon Day?

Peace is as simple as you imagining it and making it happen. Its not that difficult to put down a gun and love your enemy.

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