Astrology Forecast - February 18th 2015, New Moon on Aquarius/Pisces Cusp - Wisdom of The Fool

We may be feeling as though we are stepping up to a high dive, or an intimidating amusement park ride this week as the energy shifts from the introverted haziness and pondering of the recent Pisces stellium and Mercury retrograde to action eventful rebirthing in Aries beginning with this week's transit of Mars and Venus from watery Pisces to Fiery Aries. Indeed, change is a constant on every step at this point, we need to be on our toes, flexible, and willing to embrace the unknown. The Wisdom of the Fool is in living moment to moment, unafflicted by insecurities, fears or doubts. These are times we can notice a mystical quality to the movements and changes that seem to happen automatically on their own. The seed intention that we can sow this Wednesday as the Sun moves into Pisces and we have our New Moon is one of allowing ourselves to completely metamorphosize; To allow ourselves to automatically and naturally come into embracing everything as it comes moment to moment knowing and understanding that we are being carried. The upcoming Full Moon will be in Virgo around the time the final Uranus square to Pluto, these final waves of revolutionary transformation are taking us into our understanding our service and our role as far as what it really means to be here, now, at this time, what we are capable of in terms of our healing, and what exactly needs to be healed. True medicine, true music and true magic alike can only be manifested when both one foot is planted in the meaning, the purpose, the essence of our life, our spirit and the other foot is planted firmly here on this earth, in this body, in this role, in this service.

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