Investigative mythologist William Henry discussed his latest work on Light Beings-- which he described as ancient enlightened ones who came to Earth and left a spark of themselves inside us. The Light Body is the name given to our hidden spiritual body and is referenced in many sacred traditions, he explained. The Mayans prophesized that enlightened beings would emerge from a serpent rope (possibly a stargate or wormhole) from the center of our galaxy in 2012, and Egyptian traditions also speak of beings of light, he noted.

Henry's investigation in Abydos, Egypt uncovered depictions of the 'Osiris Device,' which he described as a kind of a energy tower that could also serve as a teleporter for light beings.

Upcoming experiments at CERN with the Large Hadron Collider seek to recreate the conditions just after the Big Bang. Is humankind on the verge of discovering the primordial secrets of God-- seeing the light of first creation?, Henry pondered. Ultimately, humans have the ability to transform themselves through consciousness into light beings, he asserted.

February 20th, 2008

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Kommentar av Ann-Charlotte Stewart den 1 Oktober 2009 kl. 0.29
District 9, en lite annan syn på ljusvarelser. En tankeväckande film, minst sagt.

Kommentar av Ann-Charlotte Stewart den 30 September 2009 kl. 22.20

Transfigurerade entiteter, de gamla egyptierna kallade dem akhu, de strålande, de har benämnts på en massa olika sätt, elohim, änglar...

Ni vet vilka ljusvarelserna är som han pratar om, eller hur? ;-)

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