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alternativ till ning

Startade den här diskussionen. Senaste svar av Hanuah admin Aug 19, 2013. 1 Svar

Hej ljusvänner,jag har hittat ett kostnadsfritt alternativ till ning, ifall någon av er vill driva nätverket vidare:http://invisionfree.com/registerFortsätt

leva fullt ut

Startade den här diskussionen. Senaste svar av Lasse Karlsson Jul 29, 2011. 3 Svar

Jag har just läst Lev livet fullt ut! av Eckhart Tolle i hopp om att  upptäcka hur man gör. På ett teoretiskt plan vet jag precis hur man gör! Men hur inkarnerar man visdomsinsikterna i…Fortsätt


                          Wearable Art! by Eva Fidjeland at VIDA

It´s interesting to see the aesthetic relationships these new garment pieces have to your digital work. The fluid transitions between saturated, jewel toned colors are appreciated in both color palates. (I don´t see the medium indicated, but they appear to be dyed silk.) I respond to the long cut of this specific piece, as  the trailing lines of the cape appear to echo the formal divisions between warm and cool hues. The asymmetry of the design creates further visual interest, but isn´t jarring or dissonant. The adjacent piece (a blouse) perhaps offers more of an open field for the painterly design. Without the structure of the garment defining symmetrical boundaries, the washes of green and violet pigment offer surprising contrast when they come up against the lighter half.

(Review written by Kristen T Woodward, Professor of Art at Albright College in Reading, PA)




Swedish Artist Eva Fidjeland Featured by Resident Curator Kristen T Woodward, Professor of Art at Albright College


The Dancer II

Presumably a group of self-portraits, this series of Dancer portraits is equivocally voyeuristic in the soft keyhole shadowing of the pictures edges along with the penchant for embellishing costume. I like the tempered restraint of Dancer II, which presents a darker contrast to the overall blue pattern, and a haloed richness in the saturation of the figure´s hair and sienna background. While there´s a decisiveness in the sideways profile of the head, the delicate curl of golden hair points towards her mouth as if to await declaration.


The Red Lady IV had a decidedly different mood despite small actual changes in the model lightning and attire. Being that the subject isn´t fully transformed, I don´t feel that different characters are being created, but that the viewer is invited into the psychological exploration of facets of an archetype. The direct stare of The Red Lady and elevated position of her face above the viewer´s natural eye-line creates an aura of superiority or rebellious dissent, while the conflicting orange and blue hues aid the instinct of competition. In a more graphic way, the figure is also presented as a Pop diva, haughtily looking down on the viewer in her feathered boa. Provocative in stature, the light source seems to glow from within rather than from an external bright light, and therefore she holds our interest and curiousity. Kristen T Woodward Professor of Art, Albright College Reading PA

January 21, 2014   http://www.artists2artists.net/photo/the-dancer-ii

         Artist, poet, photographer
                   Eva Fidjeland


          Orrefors Railway Station

What makes Swedish artist Eva Fidjeland so unique is her ability to create pieces of art using natural, earthly tones while maintaining a commitment to photography, digital art, and traditional visual art. Eva Fidjeland has the ability to see the elements of the world as they are, including the beauty that is nature and animal life, and recreate them in the form of art that has cultural relevance to audiences across the world. Her cultural pieces would fit seamlessly in any gallery or museum in any part of the world.
(Quote from review written by Dominic Richardson, writer/editor at Art Bracket LLC)

Eva Fidjeland´s Art Captures the Human Experience


When art captures the essence of the human experience, it reveals aspects of humanity under a bright spotlight. The art emphasizes these qualities directly, pointing observers toward images that will challenge our current perspectives of the world. The artist, as the creator of such pieces of art, is responsible for the design and creation of these images; their process is similar to the process of unveiling, in which the artist will seek to bring the observer closer to truths through images.


Eva Fidjeland´s art brings observers closer to the truth of understanding the human process of healing. Fidjeland´s art exists within an extraordinary global context. The world has separated the concept of healing within a dichotomous line. Eastern cultures typically incorporate healing concepts within their aspects of a life holistically, while many western cultures view healing as the mere recovery of illness or injury. Many citizens of the world carry a perception of healing that lays somewhere in between.

healing, World, process, holistic, western, Eastern, art, arts, artist, Eva Fidjeland, copyright, Art Bracket, blog, profile, perception
healing, World, process, holistic, western, Eastern, art, arts, artist, Eva Fidjeland, copyright, Art Bracket, blog, profile, perception

Eva Fidjeland´s art emphasizes the human need to challenge these perceptions through captivating mixed media design, color and examination of the human body. Eva Fidjeland´s art asserts the concept of healing is far from esoteric, promoting the idea that healing is a natural, organic part of the human condition that connects us to the world in which we live.
DOMINIC RICHARDSON, writer/editor at Art Bracket LLC


Primary Forms with a Bold Function

090rep I like the slight melancholy mystery of these images. In general, the softened palette and contrast evokes a faded memory, but the primary forms have a bold function.
`Evolution´ employs a primordial form, spiraling up out of the water like a mythic sea creature. I also see the faintly grainy quality and washed out magenta tonality as harkening back to old photographic documentary film, though I´m unsure of the media/process actually employed here. I find the vertical orientation is also unexpected for the surreal landscape, as the weighty spiral form doesn´t appear able to sustain its upward thrust for long, as it curls into itself.


 The piece entitled `Liz´ is an enticing picture as well; some more direct photographic reference to lizards is evident, but there is also a diffused manipulation of the image that muffles direct or overt pictorial representation. The resulting image calls to mind pictographic symbolism from a host of ethnic traditions and artistic eras. In this way, `Liz´ reminds me of a mellowed Florence Putterman painting. So the piece seems less about the natural subject depicted, and more about the state of flux, or evanescent movement.
(Written on May 11, 2013 by resident curator Kristen T Woodward, Professor of Art at Albright College in Reading PA, USA). http://artists2artists.net/photo/Liz

         Eva Fidjeland on Pagan Poet

”Eva Fidjeland´s poems are potent with a powerful kind of beauty and zest for life, far from the romantic kind”.     http://paganpoet.com/Eva-Fidjeland-artist-poet-photographer


<img src="http://stats.wordpress   

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EVA  FIDJELAND  from  Sweden


MARC  G. DOUTHERD  from Tuscon,  Arizona

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Vad är intentionen med ditt medlemsskap? Var vänlig skriv en kort text på mellan 30 - 200 ord så att vi vet att din intention är i resonans med det vi verkar för. Tack för din hjälp.
Jag är konstnär och poet.Jag fick inbjudan att ansluta mig till Den nya jorden vaknar genom min shamankompis Ingela Moser/Yellow Warrior. Jag har ägnat mig år Raja Yoga sedan början av 80-talet och väntar otåligt på att Kaliyuga ska avlösas av den nya guldåldern.

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Upplagd den 1 Februari 2017 klockan 0.07 2 kommentarer


Tolv konstnärer, tolv människoskildringar

4 februari – 18 mars

Välkommen till vernissage

lördagen den 4 februari kl. 11

Elisabet Hall

Susanne Bonja

Markus Åkesson



Where did the towers go?

Upplagd den 12 Oktober 2013 klockan 19.56 2 kommentarer

För en tid sedan blev vi tipsade om länken:  http://pernordgren.com/artiklar/wtc/911where-did-the-towers-go

Det blev en ögonöppnare för mig! Sedan dess har jag hittat en hel del info på ämnet, som jag samlat  på min youtube-kanal:


Jag vill tipsa om dessa filmer som tack för ögonöppnaren.



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Gå med i Vår Nya Värld

Klockan 17.00 den 20 Oktober 2013, Gahella sade ...

Tack för den mycket speciella bilden och den helt fantastiska dikten. Det svindlade när jag läste den.

Är det du som är både bild-och ordkonstnären här?

Klockan 19.24 den 13 Oktober 2013, Gahella sade ...

Tack för din vänskap Eva och gott att ha dig som medlem härinne <3

Vad roligt att du gillar poesi och konst, du får gärna lägga in lite alster här om du känner för det. Eller har du redan gjort det kanske?


Pussa din vackra katt från mig :)

Och varm kram till dig ;D

Klockan 11.16 den 4 Maj 2012, Calle Enochsson sade ...

Tackar för förfrågan. Vänner blir aldrig för många.

Klockan 14.43 den 3 November 2011, Ann-Charlotte Stewart sade ...
Tänker på Dig och undrar hur Du har det. Sänder mjuka katthälsningar i denna tid så fylld av både ljus och mörker... slöjorna så tunna, allt kommer fram. Guldkorn vaskas fram även i de grumligaste vatten. Visst är det vackert. Varm kram, A-C
Klockan 19.22 den 23 Januari 2011, Ann-Charlotte Stewart sade ...
Klockan 19.12 den 23 Januari 2011, Ann-Charlotte Stewart sade ...

Hej kära Eva, ser ut som om du lyckats ta dig in iaf. Härligt att det ser ut som om allt löst sig efter så lång tid - vi är så glada att ha dig här!!  Hjärtans välkommen tillbaka in i vår kollektiva hjärtevärme.

Stor kram,

Ann-Charlotte <3

Klockan 0.09 den 23 September 2010, FelineWisdom sade ...
Vilka fantastiskt vackra katter du har!!! Otroligt fina!
Massa kärlek till dig och dina katter!
Klockan 16.15 den 9 Augusti 2010, Maria S sade ...
Klockan 17.52 den 23 Juli 2010, Ann-Charlotte Stewart sade ...

Hjärt-ligt välkommen, kära Eva,
härligt att ha dig här. Vilka underbara katter du har - tack för att du delar med dig.
Jaaa, kali yuga kan gott få vara över nu, vi har väntat länge, länge...
Stor kram,
Klockan 0.31 den 22 Juli 2010, Maria S sade ...

Varmt välkommen !
Ha en bra fortsättning på veckan !

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