You have heard a lot about alternative healing like acupuncture, acupressure, Ayurveda, Reiki but have you ever heard about Pranic Healing? Having learnt this alternative form of healing myself I have first hand experience of how we can heal diseases without the help of allopathic medicines. The doctors who recommend allopathic medicines will say "All this is humbug." But wait! Read further to find out whether this is really true.

Firstly, a special mention should be made of the founder of Pranic healing, ‘Master Choa Kuk Sui’ who was himself an allopathic doctor. He practised medicine for many years but he found that there was something lacking in allopathy medicines. He found that after he prescribed medicines people again came to him after some days for another set of medicines. So after a lot of research he came up with a theory of Pranic Healing. I am not giving a speech against allopathic medicines. But MCKS as we call him cured many people with different disease by Pranic Healing.


Pranic Healing is a boon to mankind. "Pranic" comes from the word ‘Prana’ which means ‘life energy.’ The human body has chakras or centres which whirl in our body. Pranic healing believes in the fact that there are 11 chakras in our body. By projecting energy or ‘Prana’ in our body we can cure disease.

Disease can be cured by cleaning and energising the affected chakras. First we have to know the names of the 11 chakras and where they are located. We clean the chakras by using sweeping motions with our hands in a clockwise direction, keeping our hand one inch away from the affected chakra. By cleaning the chakras we remove the disease. The second step is to energize the chakras. All humans have chakra in the middle of the palm. By projecting energy with the help of the chakra in our palm we can cure ailments. How do we project energy? We keep our palm one inch away from the chakra as blessings are given and imagine that energy is being passed from our palm chakra to the affected chakra.

The second aspect to ‘Pranic Healing’ is the use of colours for healing. As we feel the chakras we imagine a colour on our palm chakra while cleaning and energising the affected chakras. Different colours are used for different chakras. If a person is ill then it means that his chakras are not functioning properly. It is very important that the all the chakras in the human body function properly otherwise it leads to disease in the body.

For example red is used for strengthening weak organs, improving circulation, reviving unconscious patients, reviving or prolonging the life of dying persons. If a person has fresh burns the colour light-whitish green and blue is used because of its soothing and cooling effects. Cleaning has to be done with light-whitish blue and energising has to be done with light-whitish green prana. Here the term ‘light-whitish blue’ and ‘light-whitish green’ is used. This is because using dark colour will have a reverse reaction. Since it may have an adverse effect, we avoid using dark colours.

The third aspect to Pranic Healing is Pranic Psycotherapy. All the 11 major chakras have their psychological function. Some of the function are instinct to survival, instinct to procreation, abstract mental faculty, centre of wisdom, entry point of spiritual energy etc. Pranic psychotherapy is used to for the treatment of psychological disorder, drug addiction alcoholism and other psychological illness. It can be also used to improve family relations save marriage etc. It is the use of pranic healing for treating psychological disorder.

Pranic psychotherapy also believes in spiritual healing by practising meditation on twin heart. It believes in the divine nature of man. The soul is connected to the higher self or higher soul. One can do self healing by using the power of God to heal oneself spiritually, psychologically and physically. The wonderful world of pranic healing has lots to offer to mankind.

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