Min mediation nu i morse ledde mig till detta här-hörde orden :The garment of ikaros

Min gogglesökning ledde mig till kapitlet"the raising of the dead-jag finner detta intressant -eftersom jag förstår det ock känner igen det från delar av min mediation

Jag tycker ju att det är så spännande att nysta lite med ett öppet å balanserat sinne:)
Här är ett litet utdrag ur kapitlet"The rising of the dead"(låter kanske hiskeligt,men så är ej fallet hahah)

Här är gogglesidan som min mediation ledde mig till:


That awakes which in every one of us is "asleep in the hinder part of the ship";
and there remain only and ever the"dry land" of our eternal substance and the "still waters"
of the crystal soul gleaming in the dazzling rays of the sun of the soul;
and,over all.the infinte,unclouded sky and serene air of the spirit-that blissfull consciousnes of which every poet dreams in terms of place and every mystic knows in realised experience.

Where falls not hail,nor rain,nor any snow,nor ever wind blows roughley;but it lies
beyond the paralysing touch of pain:beyond every
deadening intervention from the source of life:for,in that regeneration,
All things are made new.


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Mm, och så passande för självaste påskdagen!  Vi återuppstår från de döda... en efter en. <3

From the principles which we now see,
necessitates"and inversion of ideas" whenever any branch of sience pushes research to
the frontier of the physical and superphysical.of the intellectual and trancedental,some
future Newton will doubtless construct and entierly new cosmology.the influence off
which will react upon the practical conduct of human life.
Politics,morals,sociology,will eventally  become transformed and the porpose of evoulotion
,the "far off divine event",gradually be accomplished by the harmonising of the seen and the unseen
portions of the Universe.
Whoso labours,whoso thinks even.towards this great consummation is already unconsciously
praying and helping the fullfilment of his prayer:--
As Above,so belowe;
In earth as it is in Heaven


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