Internal Silence and the Art of Correct Speech
“Eyes see only light, ears hear only sound,
but a listening heart perceives meaning.”
~David Steindl-Rast

Internal Silence and the Art of Correct Speech are key concepts for self-mastery.  They reside in the necessity of creating the rightful vibration between  thoughts and their expression. The awareness of this stage blooms from a mindfully trained mind. This acquired internal power will attract whatever you need for your self-realization and your complete spiritual liberation. Staying in Silence cultivates your internal power by respecting the life of others and the sacredly of everything that exists in this world.

There are, nonetheless, recommendations to reach this stage. These recommendations come from various schools of wisdom and traditions, such as Kabbalah, where the simple observation of our sensorial organs can give us a brief description of our true nature.

According to Kabbalah, an individual has two ears, two eyes and just one mouth; because he needs to observe and hear more before he speaks.

The truth of these statements guides us to the inevitable need to develop a correct speech, and a moral code on speaking.  In other words, in a world interconnected by essence and influenced by archetypes, the correct speech is necessary in order to avoid distortions and its consequent resonance in the various points on the web of life. It is said that the enlighten master Buddha spent many years correcting his speech in order to reach a point of power in his spoken words.

The same could be observed through the example of the Master Jesus, in his constant practice of meditating and praying before any public speech or teaching. There is incredible power in meditative practices and internal silence.

The scope of power of internal silence resides in the true learning of the TAO, the movement of the Universe. We are sharing some references and practices that will instruct you in the art of talking without talk, allowing the true nature of your soul to surpass your created one; the personality. This way, through silence, you will permit the manifestation of your heart and the power and wisdom of your soul.

Talk only when it is necessary, but think clearly and justly before you speak.

Think about what you are going to say before you express your thoughts. Keep in mind that every thought comes out of you expressing a frequency of the energy CHI. In being mindful of your words and the intensity of your speech, you will develop the soul technology to speak without losing personal energy.

Make regular practice of internal silence, because it is a valuable instrument to discipline your loquacious Ego. Create a habit to ponder inside of your internal silence before making any decision. Try to do it as a practice at least once a week, or even just hours in a day, depending of your availability and disponibility.

Refrain to make promises you cannot accomplish or honor.

Do not create expectation in the hearts of others.  The act of “stealing hope” or creating false hopes distorts your personal energy system and the energy system of others.

Permit the people to resolve their own problems, focus your energy on your own life: be occupied with yourself, be centered and kind to all, do not defend yourself.

Abstain from imposing your personal opinions to others; make a habit to always allow them to communicate themselves sincerely; allow them to express themselves fluidly.

Do not procure to control, do not force, manipulate or subdue anyone; strive to not lead a life of competition and rivalry, enjoy the blessings of a simple benevolent life, being strong and supportive of others, such as earth supports our lives in this planet. Be the light and the nurture facilitator to other beings, bringing always the best in them to their attention; assist them in bringing their virtues, qualities and accomplishments, being their mirrors and a reference of goodness to them. Be your own master and allow others to become the best they are capable to be.

Cultivate the habit to not complain about your life, be discreet, and make observations if you must, but try to detach it from the source of underlying emotional energy. Reflect your thoughts outwards keeping in mind the intention of not harming anyone. The external situations are nevertheless always a replication of the internal dialogue.

Do not adopt in your daily vocabulary words that may evoke negative or painful images, not even if they are of a satire nature. Everything you vibrate and express will carry your personal energy signature of Chi and may attach to your energy field.

When speaking about yourself speak humbly, and truthfully. The correct words will reflect your inner self; the boasted words will create an energetic “prison” that will encapsulate your personal energy.  Correct words will avoid creating the false expectation from others, illusions, jealousy, and disputes. This way you will be free from the opinion of others and you will enjoy a tranquil and benevolent life, such as the ways of the TAO. Competition will inevitably create conflicts.

Make internal peace with the reality that many times you may not have all the answers for certain facts, events and circumstances. You may not know everything that pertains to life and its manifestations. There is not always ONE truth to everything:  the universe is a mutable entity, ever changing and ever growing. Develop unto yourself the infinite compassion that knows no duality. This realization may not be an easy one to be accepted by your ego, but certainly will give you the freedom to understand the multiple venues and canvas the Universe and consciousness may choose to manifest its creation. Therefore, avoid criticism, judgments and blame; to yourself and unto others. TAO is impartial in its judgment.

Remember the old adage: “If you do not have anything nice, don’t say anything at all”? The reality behind this phrase is the existence of an incredible Universe that reflect our thoughts, actions and intentions as a mirror. The universe accepts our thoughts, emotions, and projections liberally, without judgments or conditions, and reflects back to us the reflection of these projections that at their turn, tend to manifest themselves in different circumstances in our lives. At all times, be the perfect mirror for yourself.

When an individual learns how to be the perfect mirror, without the commotion or instability of the waves of emotion, he learns how to withstand confusion, to behave accordingly and to speak wisely.

If you think yourself to be successful, so you will be; if the opposite is true to you, your reality will be identified as such.

Develop a devotional faith in your Divine spark. The knowledge and wisdom of your soul is infinite and everlasting. It is connected with the eternal source of all.  Thus, do not get voluntarily involved in other’s conflict and misdeed; be mindful of others agenda and motifs, and do not hurry judgments based on others impressions.

The power gathered by the continuous practice of silence and correct speech will manifest and exist in your life as long as the ego is silenced. Never allow your ego to poison your internal power.


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