Kunskapens väktare

Kunskapens väktare - Sfinxen och "The Fu Dog"

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A geometric solution to gravity has been right under our paws this whole time. It just took someone like Nassim Haramein to decode and translate the information into the math of modern physics.

The Fu Dog in China and the Sphinx in Egypt are both considered the protectors of the information, the guardians of the knowledge. What they are protecting? : the secret to understanding how to understand, interact with and ultimately, control the gravitational field.

Nassim Haramein has figured out that the gravity is a geometric ratio of information on the inside to information on the outside of the event horizon of black holes on all scales. Even more simply stated:

Gravity is a geometric relationship.

This geometric ratio is expressed by discreet tiny packets of energy that make up the space-time manifold itself in the form of an infinite 3D Flower of Life lattice, made of what Nassim calls Planck Spherical Units (PSUs) that are the universal pixels (voxels) that make up everything. Gravity is a ratio of how many PSUs are on the inside of the

event horizon of a black hole compared to the number of PSUs projected on its horizon surface in a flower of life tiling pattern seen under the paws of the fu dogs in the attached photos.

This is the time in our history where the wisdom of the ancients is discovered to be far more advanced than anyone ever thought it was. Evidence points to the fact that the

ancients may have actually been way more advanced in their understanding of certain aspects of reality than we think we are today...

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