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Relaterat till detta skrev jag i november 2009 på min amerikanska profil på Tribe, här med ny rubrik:

Our bodies are potentially space-vehicles

The Casing Theory, some cutpastes:

"Underlying field energy, or Non Linear Time Field Frequency Acceleration (NTFFA), is according to the Unity theory what makes everything exist."

"This NTFFA value is unique for every existing field system in universe, from the smallest particle to the greatest galaxy cluster, and is the very signature that allows for any field system to coexist with the rest of universe."

"Then how do the extraterrestrials construct the drives in their amazing crafts?"

"By focusing the underlying field correctly, and by encapsulating this field effectively, one is able to create a self sustained unified field, in which all matter, space and time inside the controlled field starts to relate to the surrounding outer field as a unique self sustained unified field system.
When now fed with supportive field energy from the FFM source, anything inside this field becomes a part of the FFM field signature, thus the whole craft is being elevated to a self sustained field with a unique signature relative to all other fields in Universe.
Here I want to emphasize that there is one vital factor easily missed regarding the understanding of the FFM-field created in the vessel.
The properties of this self sustained unified field are by no means electro-magnetic, even if it is diffracted forth by focusing the electromagnetic field with the set of FFM-magnets.
As a conclusion, the field diffracted by the electromagnetic geometry is focusing the very underlying field that feeds every particle with the necessary energy and identity information needed in projecting it into existence.  This goes for the "empty space" between the particles as well.
So the trick here is to disengage from the signature of the earth field by imposing a new self sustained unified field, in a way like plugging into a separate energy line connected to the underlying matrix."

Google "The Casing Theory",

Add the idea that maybe our DNA has a similar function to the Bismuth and various layers in the casing of the space vehicle, that according to The Casing Theory and The Unity Theory enable them to tune in to any desired space-time coordinate in the universe and maybe in the multiverse.  This would mean that our bodies are potentially space-vehicles which can take us anywhere and anywhen in time and space -- if we get our "junk DNA" in order.

Just a thought.  Playing with an idea here.

Ovanstående texts historia:

2009-11-26 länkade jag först till The Casing Theory från min Leif Erlingssons holistiska detektivbyrå site, och två dagar senare la jag upp lokala kopior; HTML, PDF.

Några dagar senare la jag ut ovanstående text som "Add "The Casing Theory" to the below two" på min Tribe profil.


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