As long as you rely upon other beings to change the world, to make changes for you and to carry you into the new reality, the new reality will not come into being.

As long as you rely upon other beings to find your own inner being, you will not find your own inner being fully.

There are many times you can use the guidance and knowledge of others to find more of your being deep within. The real teachers will assist you in finding this within, instead of telling you what and where to find it within.

As long as you think other beings are a pathway to the divine, you will not find the divine within you fully.

Many are creating their own little space of joy and comfort only within a certain place upon earth, they are not yet comfortable in every place upon earth.

Once you can stay within your own being, within every situation, a space of joy and comfort no matter where you are upon earth, you will reach another milestone within your own being.

Many of you are still standing still within the moment, creating your own reality that seems to change, but you are standing still. You are creating your own little heaven, and it’s a great little heaven, yet within each moment that heaven can be destroyed by an outside influence.

Once you can find that heaven no matter where you are within each moment, you will have reached something that will push you forward into another heaven, beyond the ones that you have found before.

The journey doesn’t end with being in heaven upon earth.

The journey doesn’t end with finding new heavens outside of earth.

The notion that you all are one is something that will and can be a stumble block for many.

You were all created equally; from there you created, and formed your own being to what you are now.

There is a challenge when you think someone; any other being is greater or more knowledgeable than your own. The Idolization of others brings in a reliance upon others that is and can be a stumble block for many.

It is easy to fall in this trap as many beings out there at this moment will have an advantage, the advantage of seeing and being able to see through many dimensions more clearly.

This in no case means they are better or worse than you.

Each one of you is on their own path, your own path of remembering who you are within every part of your being.

Many others are on this path; some have taken on certain roles at this time, like angels, archangels, as they relate to some of your belief systems.

In reality their souls, their being is just like you, you were all created equally.

Many of them that have taken these roles, are just like you, even though they have the advantage of seeing more clearly, not all of them are yet able to see or remember every part of their being, just like you.

Some beings will also try to insert themselves in creating the new reality upon earth, they will seem very helpful. They will give information that is readily available for anyone who can see clearly into your reality, even you.

You see what is happening, but you seem to rely upon other worldly beings sometimes, to either confirm, and or give you the information that is readily available for you to see or know yourself.

Do not forget that any being that aligns itself with your reality, considers itself to be part of your reality, most of the time is on the same path as you are, or even on the same level as you are, as far as moving deeper within, as far as the ability to see really beyond the earth and even your universal reality.

As you are starting to see more of your own being, many will fall into different traps, like the thought they are some of these beings, or maybe an aspect of some of these beings they are channeling, or just talking to.

If you are all created equally, then the whole notion of twin flames, even the whole notion of being an ascended master, angels and more, is in fact only part of the truth.

Many of the ascended masters, angels and more know this, and they use their names as a guideline for you to connect with them on certain levels within you.

The meaning of the words ascended masters is that they are beings that have been able to ascend out of your reality. Some all the way back to their inner source being, and others have not reached that point yet but are still working on it.

And it is not just the ones that read the messages, but many channels rely upon what they are being told within their own messages, or channeled messages.

It is a way of teaching and giving messages we do not use.

We wait till our channel through self-discovery has reached a certain point that will allow her to understand fully the message we give through her, this allows us and her to receive a message more clearly and understand the purpose of the message.

We do not give certain subjects for the channel to work on though; we allow the channel to move through within, into her own knowledge, and in her own way as well as at her own speed.

This might seem as it would make it harder for us to follow a certain direction as far as messages and guidance, but in a way it makes it easier for us to give you precise and clear messages.

Our full focus is upon each of your finding direction and knowledge within, this does not exclude assistance at times from outside of you, either a teacher upon earth or off earth. The choice to ask for assistance needs to be made from clear guidance within you.

For many the choice to ask for assistance is coming through the many beings that offer certain types of assistance, assistance that will move you in certain directions as they give you the direction to move into.

Once you are moving more and more within you move through certain stages of understanding and during these stages you are subject to realities that are part of your belief and thought systems within that moment.

Try to move beyond those attachments and move even deeper within to find even more realities that are going to lead you to the deepest part within you, source only.

From one source to another

July 1, 2013

Petra Margolis

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