The Sphinx speaks, why the dark cabal is still in control and not worried about lightworkers

A subject many will have to think about as you have become the ones supposed to be creating the new world changes.

Why is the dark cabal still in control, or the ones you call the dark cabal.

Many of you have different beliefs, but none of the beliefs you have are in fact threatening to the dark cabal.

If there is one group they are not worried about it is the lightworkers community.

Why, you should ask.

Many of you have beliefs that go beyond this reality, yet many of those beliefs are about realities that are better than this one. The main belief is that it is going to be that way, this amazing reality is already here, it will just have to manifest.

Others haven't made up their mind and do not know who are the good or bad ones, they belief that the higher ups everywhere will be forced by the good ones to start doing the right thing.

Even though they have not seen any proof, except for a handful of people giving them messages about what is happening behind the scene, none of it provable, none of it has manifested, for years they have been waiting. Yes, waiting for years and each time they are told something is going to happen they perk up and wait, get their hopes up.

Yet, each time they are disillusioned by nothing happening and a world that only seems to get worse.

The perfect group for the dark cabal, the ones that belief and wait.

We have some other groups amongst lightworkers, the ones that are the love and light filled ones, they seem to flock to the messages about love and light.

As a light worker the common knowledge is that you are love and light, yet, it seems you need a reminder of this each day, great if it is several times a day. A message from someone out there, telling you how much great work you have done, how much more love you have become, how much more light you have become, and yes, you are changing your reality.

Many of these group are not even aware of the reality outside of them, they like to focus on their own light worker community/group, or just their own inner reality.

They love the reminders they get everyday, about how to be love, how to express love and light, and just remember themselves they are love and light and all will be well in the world.

This group is mostly unaware of much of the world around them as many say they cannot watch TV, see the news, as it interferes with their energy, their state of mind.

Yet another group the cabal doesn't need to worry about, as this group is so usurped with their own love and light, they are no threat to anyone.

The next group is the one that is convinced that the galactics are going to save them, they are flocking to the messages about how the galactics are coming and save them, all will be well, once it is announced there are aliens out there, beings that can help.

This group knows there are aliens upon earth, working with them to make this happen.

This group is also a bit more outward towards non-believers and they try to convince, or at least explain to many non-believers that there is hope, somewhere out there though, the hope has not arrived on earth yet. But they are coming, you should believe them.

Yet, another group the dark cabal doesn't worry about as this group is waiting for some galactics/aliens to show up and save them. Another groups that beliefs and waits.

Then we have the groups walking the earth, providing clearings, going to special sites, clearing special sites from all the dark energies, interference energies, activating these sites again. Year after year they have done this, the sites become more active, yes they do. But what do we see in the world around them, is there really something happening in the world that can be assigned to these sites becoming more active?

What history should tell you is that sacred places can be used for good or bad, opening up sacred places doesn't mean they can only be used by the so called good people, the so called bad people can use these energies as well.

This has been one of the many reasons these sacred places have become inactive.

The other thing you have to ask yourself is, has it changed anything upon earth.

What do you see happening all around you?

New groups are starting up everyday, groups that fight against certain governments, control governments, yet once the new government gets into place all they have achieved is more control in many ways.

Each day more freedom is lost in almost every country, each day more people are getting upset, yet the control system is setup in a way that being upset makes them choose in such a way that they think more freedom will come, yet more freedom will be taken away.

What to do as lightworkers but to shut your eyes most times, or belief in a divine creator, a divine being that is in charge, or belief that you are the creator. Dabbling around in realities not manifested upon earth, places where you can feel you are the creator, you are divine, you are pure love, you are all one etc..

You see the control system has been setup in a way that control is all around you in ways you cannot imagine.

You are being controlled from the bottom up and the top down.

The one most powerful group that could actually be of danger to the dark cabal is too busy with either their own illusionary reality, or they are waiting for the good aliens/galactics, or they are dabbling in realities that are in no way applying to what is happening on earth, or just too much in love with themselves that they cannot see truth for fiction anyway.

Yes, we might have missed some groups that fall in between the ones we have mentioned.

But think of this, you are a light worker, you are all convinced that you are love, divine, all one.

Yet, each day you want to see a reminder of this, that one message that tells you, be the love now, you are so much love, you are deeply loved, you are divine.

What is it in you that needs this confirmation each day, what is it in you that feels it needs this confirmation each day.

Then the ones waiting each day for a message from the galactics on how they are progressing on convincing the governments to give up control. They are getting closer each day, they have been getting closer each day for some years now. Each time they give you something to hope for, something to hold on to.

Nothing has really happened, but you still hope.

Like the ones saying, I don't know if it is true, but I hope it is.

Waiting each day for that little bit of either confirmation that you are this divine, loving creator being, or waiting each day for the hope that they give you to keep on going.

Now we would like to mention that there is nothing wrong with exploring different realities, but the exploration is and has to be about finding more truth, not about finding you more in love with yourself and these realities. It is about applying what you find within those realities to what is happening on and within the earth reality right now.

Finding what can really change this reality, and yet not many have found ways to do this, but they have found small ways to apply this to their own reality. Resulting mostly in shutting their eyes from the real outside world and focusing on their own view of what they would like to see as their perfect reality for them.

It seems many of you are waiting for a step by step process that you can follow to change the earth reality. Do you not realize that we are here to only assist you in finding that step by step process?

How can you be a creator if you are told what and how to create?

How can you express yourself, your real self, if we tell you how to and what you should express?

You have to come to a realization that what you have been doing so far is not working, it might be working for your own inner reality, but there is no real change in the outer reality.

But you keep on waiting for assistance, help, no matter if you belief the galactic are coming to save you or that some other beings are going to tell you what to do now. And of course the group that sees it all manifested already, they are waiting for that reality to manifest.

You are all waiting. No matter which group you fall in.

In the meantime, you do some work on yourself, some inner work, but in fact you are waiting.

You explore, yet the exploration is slow, sometimes you have a break through, but what does it all mean, how can you apply it to being a creator on earth.

Many will answer that you do this by expressing what you are already in spirit, yet is that creation, or just self-expression and is it making a real change?

We have said so much in all our previous messages, the guidance on how to make real change happen, how to become the change, how to become the creators.

In a way, we have been doing this through all our messages, we can only guide as where to find your answers. What would an answer be if it would not come from within you?

It would be just another control system if we would tell you how to act, what to do.

You have to find your own way of creating, but you also have to see where you are not creating anything but a facsimile of what can be done.

The truth has always been hidden within you, but if you let yourself be distracted by all that we have talked about in this message, the answers will never be found.

Think of it this way, if you were your full source being expressing through the human, would you be walking around saying " I am divine, I am love, I am oneness".

No, you would not express this in anyway, you would be walking around doing what needs to be done as a creator being, not interfered by what is love, what is divine, what is oneness.

Many would not even know you are expressing your source being, or know you are a source being, as this is not the nature of your source being.

It is not here to tell everyone how divine and loving it is.

It is here to make changes, not to be on the forefront, but to stay hidden in the back and do what is needed.

Your source being is not looking for confirmation of how loving and divine it is, it already knows it is everything and doesn't divide itself in how much love, how much divine it is.

From one source to another

June 15, 2013

Petra Margolis

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